[Grab Green] Liquid Dish Soap Thyme with Fig Leaf

[Grab Green] Liquid Dish Soap Thyme with Fig Leaf

Product Code: 60809
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Brand: Grab Green
Sub Header: Liquid Dish Soap
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Pack Size: 6/16 OZ
Product Code: 60809
UPC: 899696002180
Price: $32.34
Attributes: Natural or Organic Ingredients, Yeast Free

Ingredients: GrabGreen liquid dish soap is an eco-friendly alternative to other harsh dishwashing liquids. Biodegradable, non-toxic and phosphate-free, our dish soap is tough on grease and caked on food but still gentle on your hands. Like our other products, Liquid Dish Soap is critter-friendly and never tested on animals.Our thyme with fig leaf delights the senses with a blend of wild thyme enveloped in a fresh fig leaf, zesty citrus and a touch of pomegranate. All of our fragrances are derived from natural essential oils and contain no potentially irritating synthetic perfumes.
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