[Alba Botanica] Deodorants Tea Tree Stick

[Alba Botanica] Deodorants Tea Tree Stick

Product Code: 50678
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Brand: Alba Botanica
Sub Header: Deodorants
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Pack Size: 2 OZ
Product Code: 50678
UPC: 724742006129
Price: $7.09
Attributes: Natural or Organic Ingredients

Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin iwth certified organic aloe vera barbadensis, tea tree (melaleuca altermifolia), alpine lichen (usnea barbatat) and green tea (camellia sinensis), sodium stearate, steareth-100, sodium bicarbonate, glyceryl stearate, oleic acid, sodium chloride, ethylhexylglycerin, cetyl alcohol, grapefruit extract (citrus grandis), and pure essential oils.
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