[Kameda Crisps] Premium Rice Snacks w/Roasted Peanuts Wasabi

[Kameda Crisps] Premium Rice Snacks w/Roasted Peanuts Wasabi

Product Code: 22072
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Brand: Kameda Crisps
Sub Header: Premium Rice Snacks w/Roasted Peanuts
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Pack Size: 12/5 OZ
Product Code: 22072
UPC: 81150701
Price: $56.70
Attributes: Natural or Organic Ingredients, Specialty Product

Ingredients: Peanuts (peanuts, peanut oil and salt), rice, corn starch, soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt, wheat and alcohol derived from sugar cane), contains 2% or less of: sugar, salt, corn dextrin, potato starch, tapioca dextrin, seaweed powder, glucose, yeast extract, seaweed extract, wheat, canola oil, potato dextrin, spice (mustard), wasabi powder, tricalcium phosphate, gum arabic, paprika oleoresin, chili extract, vitamin e (from soybeans and canola seeds).

Nutritions: Calcium(2), Calories(140), Cholesterol(0), Dietaryfiber(1), Fromfat(50), Iron(2), Protein(4), Saturatedfat(1), Servingscontainer(about 4.5), Servingsize(1/3 cup (30g)), Sodium(180), Sugars(0), Totalcarbs(18), Totalfat(6), Transfat(0), Vitamina(0), Vitaminc(0)
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